Brochures and publications mailed upon request:

Long-Term Care Insurance
Delta Dental Insurance
Hearing Instrument Plan
Avesis Vision Insurance Plan
Comfort Keepers Home Health Care
Liberty Mutual Auto, Home, Renters’ Insurance
North American Life Insurance
Commonwealth Credit Union
Retirement Services
Free Investment Service
Discounted Travel Programs
Membership Equals Strength
What's in a Name?
KRTA Telephone Reference Card
Health Care Benefits Guide
Fact Sheet
Legislative Program
N 0 Kimbler Memorial Scholarship Fund
Portfolio of Vital Information
Living Will & Health Surrogate Samples
Power of Attorney Directive & Draft
Membership Correction Form
Reimbursement for New Retiree Recognition
Telephone Tree Form for Local Units
KRTA Local President's Handbook

Other services:

• Reimbursement of expenses to participants at district leadership meetings
• Annual appropriation to each of the 14 districts for operating expenses
• Membership labels to local units
• Active/Inactive membership lists to local units
• Guidance to local and district officers
• Annual workshop in each of the 14 districts
• KRTA State Convention in April
• 800 phone line for daily assistance/information
• KRTA NEWS — mailed to all members quarterly.