The Kentucky Retired Teachers Association was established in 1957 out of a need for organized support for retired teachers. KRTA remains the “only organization in the state that has as its main purpose to look out for the welfare of retired educators.” From its inception, KRTA has continued to grow in numbers and respect. Through its commitment to the priorities set forth by the leadership, more than 32,000 members enjoy numerous benefits, both individually and as a group.

The lobbying efforts in Frankfort have gained much respect from state government officials. Three standing committees — Membership, Legislative, and Insurance — and the volunteers who comprise them, exemplify KRTA’s commitment to the concerns of retirees. The Biennial Legislative Program is aimed at soliciting support for, and commitment to, the Association’s priorities, from equality and fairness to cost of living adjustments to affordable health insurance. Fall Workshops in the 14 districts bring together representatives from the 118 local units to discuss common concerns and get information to be shared with fellow retirees. In the spring, the State KRTA Leadership Convention brings together all districts/locals for camaraderie and unification.

The membership, under the leadership of elected officers and delegates, determines the direction of the Association. The Executive Council, comprised of district representatives, monitors that direction through frequent meetings and close communication with the Association office staff.


1956-1995 Written by: M.L. Archer

1995-2002 Written by: Frank Hatfield

2002-2023 Written by: Special AD-Hoc Committee

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