Membership Information

Membership period: July 1 to June 30
Membership dues: $20 annually
Method of payment: Automatic dues deduction or cash basis

You may join KRTA by completing and mailing the ADD form to the KRTA office authorizing the (TRS) Teachers’ Retirement System to deduct $20 from your November annuity check. This will assure continued membership in KRTA and will save time and money for both you and the association. In order to be on ADD you MUST be retired and have paid into a TRS pension fund.
If you prefer to pay your dues on an annual basis, you may do so by completing and mailing the Cash Enrollment Form along with your $20 check to the KRTA office. Members may also use the Pay Online option.
Associate Membership at $20 is also available to active teachers, friends, and family who wish to support KRTA.


Enrollment Forms

Select your payment method by clicking on the appropriate form below and then print out the form and mail it to the KRTA Office.

Note: KRTA dues are not deductible as a charitable contribution for income tax purposes. KRTA estimates that 6% of our dues are related to KRTA’s lobbying activities on behalf of its members.