Established in 1957, the KENTUCKY RETIRED TEACHERS ASSOCIATION is “the only organization in the state that has as its main purpose to look out for the welfare of retired educators.” From 1957 to 1985 KRTA was affiliated with KEA. In 1985 NEA passed a resolution requiring KRTA members to become members of NEA-R. Both KEA and KRTA opposed the unified dues resolution and ties were broken in 1991.
KRTA is not affiliated with any other organization, political or otherwise. The strength of the state association is evident in 14 districts and 118 local associations. The Louisville office is staffed by three full-time and two part-time people. The Membership, Legislative, and Insurance Committees are comprised of volunteers who continually work on the concerns of retirees. KRTA’s notable rapport with the TRS of KY and its staff is recognized in the legislative ranks in Frankfort. Numerous other benefits of interest are available to KRTA members. Annual dues are $20. Membership today exceeds 32,000 retired teachers!


Established by law in 1938, TRS legally known as “Teachers’ Retirement System of the State of Kentucky” (TRS of KY) became operational on July 1, 1940. TRS of KY is classified as an “actuarial reserve, joint contributory” system, meaning that contributions of the members and employers and the earnings from TRS of KY investments are placed in reserve to pay for the System’s annuity obligation.
TRS of KY membership is mandatory for all persons in eligible agencies occupying full-time and part-time positions which require either certification by the Department of Education or graduation from a four (4) year college or university as a condition of employment. Agencies eligible for participation in TRS of KY include public elementary and secondary schools, Eastern Kentucky University, Kentucky State University, Morehead State University, Murray State University, Western Kentucky University, the School for the Deaf, the School for the Blind, the state area vocational schools, the Department of Education and other agencies as specified by law.