Volunteer Service

Hours are reported to local rta’s and then totaled the the state office. Kentucky retirees reported more than 633,719.50 hours of time during the 2022-2023 year. The volunteered time was valued at $13,415,841.82 . In the past, Governors Patton and Fletcher have praised the Association for its work and signed a proclamation recognizing “the importance of retired teachers.” KRTA members are encourage to volunteer in their respective communities and report their hours.

Examples of agencies/services included in the volunteers’ reports are: Literacy Program, Blood Drive, American Cancer Society “Relay for Life”, American Red Cross, Senior Citizen Programs, Local Bicentennial Celebration and Heritage Days, Salvation Army, Family Care Center, Tutoring, Tax Aid/Adult Education, hospitals, Historical Society, Head Start Career Development, Foster Grandparents.

What Should Members Do?

  • Volunteer
  • Encourage others to volunteer
  • Keep an account of hours
  • Give number of hours to designated person in your local
  • Locals should report volunteer hours to KRTA office by March

Frank R. Hatfield  Volunteer of the Year

  • Recognition at Annual Convention
  • Not based exclusively on number of hours
  • Based on uniqueness of service
  • Local RTA will submit name of candidate to district by February 
  • Each district will submit winning candidate’s name to KRTA by March
  • State winner announced in April at the State Convention


Sixteen $1,650 Scholarships

KRTA’s scholarship fund bears the name of the founder of the Kentucky Teachers Retirement System, N.O. Kimbler. The N.O. Kimbler Memorial Scholarship Fund was established to encourage promising students in the field of education. A committee of five KRTA members assumed the responsibility of managing the Fund in 1982. One scholarship is awarded in each of the sixteen community colleges in Kentucky. They are funded by interest earned on the investments (from individual and local RTA contributions) of the Fund. In addition, KRTA contributes one-half of the annual earnings from the Association’s investments.  If you are interested in applying for the N.O. Kimbler Scholarship please contact the financial aid office at your current college.  To donate to this fund, please make checks payable to N.O. Kimbler Fund and mail to 7800 Leaders Lane Louisville, KY 40291.

“Kentucky Grandparent of the Year” Essay Contest for Fifth Graders

In partnership with Kentucky AARP, local RTA association presidents are asked to coordinate the activity in their counties. AARP presents awards to the school, county and district winners. The winning student and his/her grandparent is honored at the Annual KRTA Convention in Louisville in April each year. Each district winner is presented with a $50 check and the state winner is presented with a $100 check.

KET Support

The project Friends of KET originated with an appeal from KET for partnering in support of the best TV. Acceptance of the request does not cost anything; KRTA simply became a group supporter. Members are asked to contribute in the name of KRTA when they make their annual contributions to KET. KRTA holds the distinction of being the largest first-year contributor with $10,000 contributed by its members in 1999.